AtomMiner AM01 AtomMiner AM02
Exclusive Bitstreams
3-year Warranty
Brand New FPGA Chips and Components
Cooling and Power Included
Power Efficiency
CPU and GPU algos
External RAM Support
Overclocking Support Partial
Availability Shop TBA 2021
Overheat Protection 3-stage protection 3-stage protection
with frequency throttling
Cooling FAN watchdog
Undervoltage Protection
Overvoltage Protection
Device Telemetry Partial
Power and Cooling
Standard 12VDC input
Power Supply Included
Power Consumption, Typical 18W 240W
Power Consumption, Max 22W 300W
Active Air Cooling Included
Optional Heat Pipe Active Cooling
FPGA Chip and Logic
FPGA Chip A200T K420T
Process Technology 28nm 28nm
FPGA Chip Count 1 4
Logic Cells 215,360 1,679,840
Slices 33,650 260,600
LUT 133,800 1,042,400
FF 407,600 2,084,800
DSP 740 6,720
IO 285 1,520
BRAM 36k 365 3340
Capacity, bits 13,140 2,084,800
FPGA Interconnect
IO Standard N/A LVDS
LVDS Channels N/A 231
Fmax N/A 1200 MHz
Bandwidth N/A 277.2 GB/s
RAM Memory Support
RAM 1 x SODIMM DDR3 slot
RAM Capacity 512M x 64
RAM Bandwidth 14.9 GB/s
USB3.1 Compatible
GPIO 2 8
Startup and Recovery
Boot Time ~0.2s ~0.2s
Configuration Time ~0.35s ~0.9s
Power Fault Recovery
Plug and Play Support
Availability Shop TBA 2021
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