What is POW versus POS in crypto?

POW POW stands for Proof of Work, which is a consensus mechanism used in the mining process of many cryptocurrencies. It is designed to prevent the network from being flooded with spam or malicious transactions, and to create new blocks and add them to the blockchain in a secure and decentralized manner. In POW, miners […]


How a block is found in crypto mining

Finding a block in cryptocurrency mining refers to the process of solving a cryptographic puzzle and adding a new block to the blockchain. This process is performed by miners and is essential for maintaining the security and stability of the blockchain. Here is a general overview of how a block is found in cryptocurrency mining: […]

mining pools

What are mining pools for cryptocurrencies?

Mining pools are groups of cryptocurrency miners who combine their computing power to increase their chances of solving complex cryptographic puzzles and earning rewards. By pooling their resources, miners can achieve a higher probability of finding blocks, receiving block rewards, and earning more cryptocurrency compared to solo mining. Cryptocurrency mining is a competitive process that [...]
fpga programming

How to program a FPGA chip

Programming an FPGA chip typically involves designing a digital circuit using a hardware description language (HDL) and then using specialized software tools to compile the design and load it onto the FPGA. Here is an example of how to program an FPGA chip using the VHDL language and the Xilinx Vivado software: Create a new […]

future fpga

The future of FPGA technology

The future of FPGA technology is likely to see continued growth and advancements in several areas. Some of the key trends and areas of focus include: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: FPGAs are well suited to accelerate the computationally intensive workloads of AI and machine learning algorithms, such as deep learning and neural networks. In […]

FPGA advantage

Advantages of FPGA Chips

Flexibility: FPGAs can be reprogrammed to perform different functions and adapt to changing requirements, making them highly versatile and useful in a wide range of applications. Customization: FPGAs can be configured to perform specific logic functions and connect the logic blocks together in different ways, which allows the creation of custom digital circuits for specific […]

computer chip

What is FPGA?

FPGA stands for Field-Programmable Gate Array. It is a type of integrated circuit (IC) that can be configured by the user after manufacturing, in contrast to Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) which are designed for a specific purpose. FPGAs can be reprogrammed to perform different functions and adapt to changing requirements, making them highly flexible and [...]
FPGA Miner AtomMiner

FPGA miner for cryptocurrencies

Mining cryptocurrencies is worthwhile again – even in countries with high energy prices. Thanks to the new FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) miners from AtomMiner, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can now be mined at significantly lower electricity costs. It can even be operated on a solar panel and enables completely green, renewable blockchain technology. Such […]

molten cpb

How to not fry your Miner

The heat is up and your miner might die a silent death. Don’t waste your money. Don’t burn your miner. Cooling and overheat protection is essential for mining operations. Let’s look into it. Miners usually get hot while running. Typical operational temperatures are 60–80°C. Therefore a cooling system must be installed. It will maintain the […]

AtomMiner + Raspberry Pi zero w

Raspberry Pi ohne Monitor und Tastatur für AtomMiner AM01 einrichten

Um den Strombedarf für Ihr Mining-System (Mining-Rig) zu minimieren, empfehlen wir dringend ein Raspberry Pi oder eine ähnliche Computerplatine zu verwenden. Diese sind weit verbreitet, kostengünstig, klein und energieeffizient. Standardmäßig wird das offizielle Betriebssystem des Raspberry Pi, Raspbian, mit deaktiviertem Fernzugriff installiert. Daher benötigt man mindestens einen Monitor und eine Tastatur um es zum ersten […]

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