Software Changelog

For updates, please run:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install atomminer-cli

Version 1.0.3RC10 02/15/2022

– added support for new AM01 BIOS
– fixed USB1.1 timeouts and fragmentation issues
– fixed various delays over USB protocol
– added Microsoft OS Descriptors for USB Devices support
– active USB device must report power management and suspended states are not supported to prevent downtime
– fixed issues with tribus algorithm providing false-positive results
– improved overall system reconfiguration speed
– fixed issues with IPC communication and command-line interface
– added native MacOS support
– fixed memory management on pool reconnect
– fixed high CPU usage on armhf platform

Version 1.0.3RC9 released on 01/18/2022

  • AM01 will now work correctly if connected to USB1.1 Hubs
  • native MacOS support
  • hashrate calculation is now made the same way pool would calculate hashrate
  • hashrate is now calculated for 1, 5 and 15 minutes avg
  • added new “flex-hashrate” algo support
  • keccak algo has been updated to support “flex-hashrate” feature
  • fixed numerous minor bugs and problems

What is flex-hashrate?
It is our new approach to calculate hashes. Flex hashrate allows up to +20% hashrate boost over time (not guaranteed).
New Keccak with flex-hashrate is now capable of 600Mh/s @ 16.9W. 600Mh/s is the guaranteed hashrate, anything over depends on many factors.

Version 1.0.3RC8 released on 07/05/2021

  • added K12 algo support
  • added forced job restart mechanism when job’s considered stale
  • added more detailed pool/network error messages
  • AM01 miners will be reprogrammed with the new firmware image once it is downloaded
  • fixed random crashes while mining with 3rd party pools
  • fixed epoch ODO change handling method

Version 1.0.3RC7 released on 05/07/2020

  • added blake2b-glt algo
  • added blake2b-tnet algo support
  • fixed problems with local cache getting stalled from time to time

Version 1.0.3RC6 released on 12/23/2019

  • fixed unexpected crashes when mining at NOMP pools
  • API server can be modified on the fly
  • added API authentification
  • added list of pools to API
  • added a lot of API reporting calls
  • added blockstamp algo support
  • added tribus algo support
  • added blake2s algo support
  • added ‘d1’ profit estimation and switching algorithm
  • fixed minor issues with local cache that could lead to occasional crashes
  • improved stale share detection

Version 1.0.3RC5 released on 07/24/2019

  • fixed odo to reduce amount of above target rejected shares
  • fixed miner not picking up sha256t and sha256q algos on profits witcher
  • fixed fimware versioning issue
  • fixed various cache issues during software update
  • added on-screen notification when new software version is available

Version 1.0.3RC4 released on 07/21/2019

  • removed annoying warning when mining with alien setup
  • on conf errors, software falls back to until errors are fixed
  • alien pool, if setup, has higher priority than anything else
  • added support for client.reconnect command used by MRR and other services
  • added custom DNS servers
  • added compression and encryption to all API calls
  • added support for NOMP based pools that don’t follow stratum protocol
  • alien pool address can include optional “stratum+tcp://”
  • fixed groestl algo reporting wrong hashrate
  • fixed problem when miner stalls on raspberry W Zero
  • added myriad-groestl algo support
  • added sha256t algo support
  • added sha256q algo support
  • added odocrypt algo support
  • fixed algo version selection. newest available version of algo will be used
  • few minor internal improvements

Version 1.0.3RC3 released on 06/01/2019

  • added cpu and memory usage report to the CLI
  • added ‘-clean’ CLI command that will remove log and cache files
  • added software selfupdate mechanism along with manual update
  • old large log files are removed upon startup
  • skein2 algo support
  • gr0estl algo support
  • sha256 algo support
  • added 3rd party pools support
  • added firmware/ folder rescan every 60 seconds to pick up manually downloaded or custom algo images
  • optimized firmware updates to reduce internet traffic usage
  • firmware cache moved to more logical cache/ subfolder
  • fixed problem when cli is eating up all availbale system handles
  • miners being automatically reprogrammed with newer firmware version when it is downloaded and verified
  • fixed crash when firmware.cache is corrupted or has invalid data
  • properly implemented ‘-program’ cli command
  • added help output for most of the cli commands
  • added log to file conf option. currently unconditional logging is enabled for updates in log/update.log
  • added rigname validation to only allow ^[A-Za-z0-9-_]+ names
  • lots of internal improvements to lower CPU and RAM requirements
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