How to buy Maxcoin

If you are interested in buying Maxcoin there are a few basic steps to consider:

  1. Find an exchange where you can buy Maxcoin. You can look up all current exchanges linked on
  2. Make sure you to have an account with one of those exchanges. For matters of security it is highly recommanded to enabble 2FA (two factor authentication) to secure your account. As every exchange can be hacked, consider sending your maxcoin to your local desktop or paper wallet after you bought them.
  3. Fund  your account with bitcoin or fiat, depending on what the exchange will allow you to buy maxcoins with (for Yobit that would be Bitcoin or USD). If you can’t deposit USD or other fiat currency you need to buy Bitcoin on another exchange like Coinbase or Binance first. Then send that over to the exchange you can trade Maxcoin on.
  4. Find the trading pair MAX/BTC or MAX/USD to place buy or sell orders.

For now we will go through that process using Yobit exchange and Boaexchange. The process will be similar to most other exchanges too.

Creat an account on Yobit (warning: yobit does not support deposit or withdrawals at this time) or Freiexchange. (Boa is  outdated)

Head to the Deposit section (“Wallet -> Deposit” on Yobit)

Deposit Bitcoin

Find Bitcoin under Deposit section:

Deposit Bitcoin

Copy your Bitcoin address so you can’t misspell it. Send your Bitcoin to that address. It might take one or two hours until the transaction is confirmed.

Bitcoin Address

Once you are funded head over to the Exchange tab and chose the according trading pair (eg. max/btc).

Place your buy or sell orders.

Buy Order Maxcoin

After one of your buy orders got successfully executed you’ll find your maxcoins under the „Assests -> Balance“ tab. To send the coins to any other place (like your desktop wallet for example) you just need to click on the „withdraw“ tab and specify an address and ther amount of coins.

Withdraw crypto

The process is pretty much self explaining, but you might try to send small amounts at first until you are confident with the process. Maxcoin transactions should only need a few minutes to complete, since it has a block time of just about 1 minute and needs just a couple of confirmations from the network.

Finally, stay save and HODL!

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