AM01 CUBE RIG (16x)

BrandAtomminerFPGA Miner

1.069,90 $ incl. VAT (19%)

16x AM01 + 1x Aluminum Frame Set + 1x Frame Accessories (2x PSU, 1x 16-Port USB-HUB, Cables, Splitters, Connectors etc.) – 3x Steelseed for Secure Wallet Backup + 1 Automatic Center Punch

!Raspberry, Laptop, Win or Mac etc. needed to run miners! (*not included, sold out)

  •  Hashrates
    Algo Coin(s) Version Hashrate Power Release date
    Keccak/ Keccak-C MAX, SLOTH, BCT, GLT 1.4 600 MH/s 16.9W January 2022
    SHA-3 Zen Protocol 1.2 500 MH/s 17.5W postponed
    SHA256 BTC and many others 1.1 500 MH/s 16W Apr 2019
    Blakecoin BLC, UMO, PHO, BBTC, ELT, LIT 1.2 1200 MH/s 13W Feb 2019
    Gr0estl GRS 1.1 32 MH/s 10W June 2019
    Skein2 LOG 1.0 44 MH/s 6.7W June 2019
    Myriad GLT, AUR, ARG, DGB, XMY, XSH, XVG and more 1.0 32 MH/s 9.8W July 2019
    SHA-256t OCP 1.0 180 MH/s 10W July 2019
    SHA-256q PYE 1.0 150 MH/s 11W July 2019
    Odocrypt DGB 1.3 50 MH/s 7.2W July 2019
    Tribus D, BZL, GLT, SCRIV, INN 1.0 25 MH/s 9W Dec 2019
    Blockstamp BST 1.0 300 MH/s 15W Dec 2019
    Blake2s GLT 1.0 1200 MH/s 12W Dec 2019
    Blake2b (GLT) GLT 1.0 250 MH/s 10W May 2020
    Blake2b (TNET) TNET, BCX 1.0 250 MH/s 11W May 2020
    K12 AEON 1.0 800 MH/s 13W July 2021
    SHA256csm GALE 1.2 170 MH/s 5.6W April 2023
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    AM01 CUBE RIG (16x)

    1.069,90 $ incl. VAT (19%)

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      Estimated Shipping: Dec 01 – Dec 03

    Weight 15000 g
    AM Model

    16x AM01


    1x Aluminum Frame (black)

    OrangePi Set

    OrangePi 3 LTS, OrangePi Lite


    10x 18AWG whip 30cm, 12DC to USB wire adapter, 2x DC splitter 2-way, 2x USB-Hub 16-port, 4x C14 to m4 bolt terminal cable, 4x PSU 12VDC 20A, 4x Rubber Feet, 8x DC splitter 4-way, 8x Screwless terminal male+female, C14 4x AC splitter, Micro SD Card, 3x Steelseed, Automatic Center Punch


    Atomminer, FPGA Miner

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