AtomMiner AM01 FPGA Crypto-Miner

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AtomMiner FPGA Crypto-Miner – 7-18 Watts

Small – Plug & Play – Power Efficient – Silent – Auto Config – Profit Switching

    This new Crypto-Coin Miner allows you to mine different algos with a very competitive price per kw/h. The advantage of these powerfull FPGA chips (Xilinx) is their extremely low power consumption. Our AtomMiners draw about 16 watts max and reach a hashrate comparable to an up to date mid-range GPU graphic card from NVIDA GeForce or AMD Radeon series.

    Due to this advantage in power consumption it’s not only cheaper to mine but it’s also possible to run the AtomMiner FPGA with a solar panel and archive a completely sustainable, green blockchain. Some managed to run the miner by solar panel at daytime and use a car battery at night which would be recharged with solar energy.

    Provided you have a mobile internet connection (eg. through your smartphone) you could even mine cryptos while driving supplying it with 12V car connector.

    • Xilinx 7 Series FPGA inside (from official Xilinx distributors)
    • Automatic FPGA reconfiguration
    • Almost instant FPGA configuration with soft start to lower energy consumption
    • True Scalability with no interruption
    • Hot-Swap and Plug-and-Play support
    • Hashrate comparable to GPU at only 1/10 or less power consumption
    • True USB2.0/USB3.0 communication interface
    • Minimum requirement for the host computer
    • Universal 12VDC power input
    • Low Power consumption
    • Small & Lightweight
    • Silent operation
    • 3 Years warranty
    • State-of-the-art Software designed exclusively for AtomMiner
    • Every host PC can control up to 64 miners simultaneously
    • We support Raspberry Pi 1/2/3 right out of the box
    • Miners can be connected and disconnected without interrupting mining
    • Seamless integration with AtomMiner Pool and other services
    • Detailed and realtime mining statistics
    • Pre-configured downloadable OS images
    • Free lifetime software and firmware updates
    • No dev fees
    • Portable
    • No heat
    • Constant updates


    Power connection DC 5.5/2.1mm
    Power supply voltage 12VDC
    Input current (Idle) 150mA
    Input current (Hashing), max 1.3A
    Data Connection USB Type B
    Size 110x67x45mm
    Operating Temperature (Environment) 0 – 40℃
    Storage Temperature -25 – 100℃
    Weight 200g


    Currently Supported Algorithms and Coins

    Algo Coin(s) Version Hashrate Power Release date
    Keccak/ Keccak-C MAX, SLOTH, BCT, GLT 1.3 540 MH/s 18W May 2019
    SHA-3 Zen Protocol 1.2 500 MH/s 17.5W postponed
    SHA256 BTC and many others 1.1 500 MH/s 16W Apr 2019
    Blakecoin BLC, UMO, PHO, BBTC, ELT, LIT 1.2 1200 MH/s 13W Feb 2019
    Gr0estl GRS 1.1 32 MH/s 10W June 2019
    Skein2 LOG 1.0 44 MH/s 6.7W June 2019
    Myriad GLT, AUR, ARG, DGB, XMY, XSH, XVG and more 1.0 32 MH/s 9.8W July 2019
    SHA-256t OCP 1.0 180 MH/s 10W July 2019
    SHA-256q PYE 1.0 150 MH/s 11W July 2019
    Odocrypt DGB 1.3 50 MH/s 7.2W July 2019
    Tribus D, BZL, GLT, SCRIV 1.0 25 MH/s 9W Dec 2019
    Blockstamp BST 1.0 300 MH/s 15W Dec 2019
    Blake2s GLT 1.0 1200 MH/s 12W Dec 2019
    Blake2b (GLT) GLT 1.0 250 MH/s 10W May 2020
    Blake2b (TNET) TNET 1.0 250 MH/s 11W May 2020
    K12 AEON 1.0 800 MH/s 13W July 2021

    For future updates and developments please visit the current roadmap.

    Estimated camparison for Hashrate and MH/Watt:

    Algo: Keccak/Keccak-C/SHA-3

    Device Hashrate Power MHash per Watt
    Nvidia GTX 750 Ti 140MH/s 60W 2.33
    Nvidia GTX 1070 480MH/s 150W 3.42
    Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti 1050MH/s 280W 3.75
    AMD R9 380 180MH/s 215W 0.84
    AMD RX 470 215MH/s 140W 1.54
    AMD RX 580 310MH/s 225W 1.38
    AtomMiner AM01 540MH/s 18W 30

    Algo: Blakecoin

    Device Hashrate Power MHash per Watt
    Nvidia GTX 750 Ti 800MH/s 74W 15.99
    Nvidia GTX 1070 4930MH/s 180W 27.5
    Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti 8030MH/s 280W 28.78
    AMD R9 380 2100MH/s 205W 10.25
    AMD RX 470 2339MH/s 135W 17.33
    AMD RX 580 3620MH/s 175W 20.69
    AtomMiner AM01 1200MH/s 13W 92.31

    Some GPUs might receive a higher hashrate, they most likely draw more energy too.

    *Warranty of our Atomminers is 12 month.

    Weight 500 g
    Dimensions 11 × 6.7 × 4.5 cm


    AM Model


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