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Mining cryptocurrencies is worthwhile again – even in countries with high energy prices. Thanks to the new FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) miners from AtomMiner, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can now be mined at significantly lower electricity costs. It can even be operated on a solar panel and enables completely green, renewable blockchain technology. Such a device consumes a maximum of 16 watts and achieves performance (hashrate) comparable to current NVIDA GeForce or AMD Radeon GPU graphics cards. This gives FPGA miners a clear advantage over classic GPUs or ASIC miners. Another plus point is the flexibility. While ASICS can only mine a specific algorithm, FPGAs can be reprogrammed. Our AtomMiner FPGAs are prepared for immediate operation – plug in and mine! (Plug & Play). A wide variety of algorithms can be set via the software and more will be added in the future.

Low energy consumption

With only 16 watts of power consumption and a 12V power supply, FPGA miners can easily be operated on a solar system or wind turbine. Operation via a 12V connection in the car is even conceivable. People who travel a lot could leave the device running while driving and mine crypto currencies. A single 100 watt solar panel can supply several miners with electricity – completely free of charge. For comparison: a current high-end graphics card consumes 300 watts and more. An NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti achieves around 1000 Mh / s for the Keccak algorithm. An AtomMiner AM01 achieves around 500 Mh / s at 16 watts (beta firmware).

Algo: Keccak

DeviceHashratePowerMHash per Watt
Nvidia GTX 750 Ti140MH/s60W2.33
Nvidia GTX 1070480MH/s150W3.42
Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti830MH/s180W+4.6
Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti1050MH/s250W+4.2
AMD R9 380180MH/s215W0.84
AMD RX 470215MH/s140W1.54
AMD RX 580310MH/s225W1.38
AtomMiner AM01500MH/s16W31.25

Algo: Blakecoin

DeviceHashratePowerMHash per Watt
Nvidia GTX 750i800MH/s74W15.99
Nvidia GTX 10704930MH/s180W27.5
Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti8030MH/s280W28.78
AMD R9 3802100MH/s205W10.25
AMD RX 4702339MH/s135W17.33
AMD RX 5803620MH/s17520.69
AtomMiner AM01900MH/s16W56.25

(The data are estimated values, power consumption and / or hashrate of the GPUs can be higher during operation)

Plug and play

The AtomMiner was developed to be extremely user-friendly. It only has to be connected to electricity and the Internet and then configures itself. The desired algorithm can be set using a browser. Then it is ready to work around the clock. It is sufficient to run the AtomMiner on a Raspberry Pi (or similar). Such a minicomputer can manage up to 64 miner units. The miner comes with an OS image for the Raspberry Pi by default. All future updates are included and there are no dev fees or other hidden fees. The FPGAs are small and quiet and are therefore just as suitable for mining at home as they are for setting up large mining farms. The heat development and noise are considerably lower than with conventional GPU or ASIC farms. In the future, FPGAs will certainly have their share in crypto mining, as they combine low energy consumption with a high hashrate.

Until now these special chips could only be used by experts and specialists, the AtomMiner is one of the first devices that beginners can use in a user-friendly way. There is no programming with Verilog or VHDL. This will make this exciting technology accessible to a broad group for the first time.

Current algorithms

Algo Version Hashrate Power Release date
Keccak/Keccak-C 1.4 600MH/s 16.9W January 2022
SHA256 1.1 500MH/s 16W April 2019
Blakecoin 1.2 1200MH/s 13W February 2019
Gr0estl 1.1 32MH/s 10W July 2019
Skein2 1.0 44MH/s 6.7W June 2019
Myriad 1.0 32MH/s 9.8W July 2019
SHA256t 1.0 180MH/s 10W July 2019
SHA256q 1.0 150MH/s 11W July 2019
Odocrypt 1.3 50MH/s 7.2W July 2019
Blake2s 1.0 1200MH/s 12W September 2019
Blockstamp 1.0 300MH/s 15W October 2019
Tribus 1.0 30MH/s 10W December 2019
Blake2b (GLT) 1.0 250MH/s 10W May 2020
Blake2b (TNET) 1.0 250MH/s 11W May 2020
K12 (AEON) 1.0 800MH/s 13W July 2021
SHA256csm 1.2 170MH/s 5.6W April 2023

Future algorithms that will be added over the next year include: Gr0estl, Myr-Gr0estl, SHA224, Nexus etc.

Further updates can make algorithms more efficient and achieve higher hashrates.

>> More information about the AtomMiner AM01 <<

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